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We Provide The Delta

Gamma-DELTA  is a dynamic, boutique, Israeli consulting firm providing strategy, financial and business development advisory services. Through custom solutions Gamma-DELTA execute to solve clients’ critical business issues related to business transformation. 

Gamma-DELTA  focus is strategy execution > the process usually starts with an
X-RAY check of the company and by structuring of a plan together with the management based upon the X-RAY check. Gamma-DELTA can afterwards implement, together with management, a specified process or segment established in the plan.

Gamma-DELTA  is being managed by Abrasha Burstyn and Shahar Burstyn, having an aggregate decades of experience as business and finance professionals. Abrasha and Shahar have incorporated the consulting activity after years of leading and managing Israeli companies and helping them achieve success 

Gamma-DELTA three main services:

  • Business strategy

  • Financial solutions and investment banking 

  • Business development


Success stories

Gamma-DELTA customers are usually Israeli high-tech and start-up companies operating internationally in the: Telecom; SaaS; homeland security and internet industries; seeking to expand their business (“from alpha-betta to Gamma-DELTA”).